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Hotel Adler Damüls


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ADLER Damüls ****Hotel Gasthof

ADLER Damüls ****Hotel Gasthof

Do you appreciate stunning alpine scenery? Are you looking for a combination of exercise and relaxation? If so this is the place for you. Come to us and we guarantee to spoil you rotten!

Aqua aerial rope garden

Bregenzerwald Activity Centre

This natural theme park offers thrills and challenges for all brave visitors looking for adventure and fun.

The Raggal-Marul Woodland Adventure Trail

The Raggal-Marul Woodland Adventure Trail - Outdoor and more | Schröcken - Outdoor and more | Schröcken

One great advantage of the outdoor activities provided by „Holzschopf – Outdoor and more” is that all tours depart from directly outside the hotel: canyoning, aerial rope complex, caving, secret forest, and much more besides.

The Ebnit Experience

The Ebnit Experience Dornbirn

This adventure park, with its aerial rope garden and flying fox course across the gorge, is a great playground for young and old alike.

Rappenloch Gorge

Rappenloch Gorge Dornbirn

Rappenloch and Alploch in Ebnit are two of the biggest gorges in the Eastern Alps…. a spectacular natural phenomenon!

Limestone Formation Educational Nature Trail

Limestone Formation Educational Nature Trail – Lingenau

The Limestone Formation Educational Nature Trail in Lingenau involves an interesting walk on a well-surfaced gravel path equipped with wooden footbridges and steps, and is suitable for families with children.

Damüls forest rope garden

Damüls forest rope garden

This is the largest forest rope garden in Vorarlberg, and offers visitors a chance to see the forest from a completely new perspective. The place for a real challenge and fabulous views!

Schröcken Adventure Park

Schröcken Adventure Park

In Schröcken Adventure Park you will find a "Flying Fox Park Safari", an adventure park and a climbing park.


Outdoor High 5 Lingenau

Pure adrenalin! Choose from a selection of unusual events and incentives suitable for companies and outdoor fanatics of all types. Among other thrilling sports, High 5 offers bungy-jumping, rafting and canyoning.

On the shores of Lake Constance, Bregenz

Lake Constance shipping company, Bregenz

Discover what Lake Constance and its shoreline have to offer! From Lindau you can visit Bregenz, Konstanz, Meersburg as well as many other attractive destinations.

Seewald Lake

Seewald Lake Fontanella

A bathing lake in a wonderful mountain setting! A walk to the Seewald lake is enjoyable whatever the season, however the weather.

Nature Experience, Holdamoos Au-Schoppernau

Nature Experience, Holdamoos Au-Schoppernau

Karren cable car in summer

Karren cable car Dornbirn

Enjoy fabulous walking tracks and wonderful views over the Rhine valley - especially in the evening, when the lights of the town are twinkling far below.

On the shores of Lake Constance, Bregenz

Lake Constance shipping company, Bregenz

Discover what Lake Constance and its shoreline have to offer! From Lindau you can visit Bregenz, Konstanz, Meersburg as well as many other attractive destinations.

Pfänder cable car

The Pfänder peak, Bregenz

This is the favourite lookout point above Lake Constance. Take the cable car to the top of the Pfänder peak, at a height of 1,064 metres.

Drei-Linden Riding Centre

Drei-Linden Riding Centre, Sonntag

Pony-trekking in the lovely scenery of the Gross Walsertal Biosphere Nature Reserve!

Summer tubing run, Faschina

Summer tubing run, Faschina

Vorarlberg’s largest summer tubing run, on the Hahnenkopf in Faschina, is perfect for families with children.

Selection of Vorarlberg cheeses

Andelsbuch Cheese Centre Bregenzerwald

Numerous mountain dairies and local farmers supply this Bregenzerwälder cheesemaking centre with a wide selection of farm produce.

Vorplatz Festspielhaus (c) Christian Grass - Archiv Vorarlberg Tourismus

Bregenzer Festspiele

In 2022 the Bregenzer Festspiele perform the opera "Madama Butterfly" at the floating stage.

Schubertiade Schwarzenberg

Schubertiade Schwarzenberg

A festival for Franz Schubert. The first Schubertiade, back in 1976, was held in a bid to restore the composer to his well-earned place alongside Mozart and Beethoven.

The Bregenzerwald narrow-gauge railway

Wälderbähnle railway Bezau

Take a train ride on one of the historical old-timers, and experience the beautiful scenery at the more sedate pace of bygone years.

“Juppen” Workshop Riefensberg

“Juppen” Workshop Riefensberg

Visit the only workshop dedicated to upholding the traditional manufacture and care of the area’s regional costumes. Be amazed by handicrafts dating from five centuries, and discover how the world-renowned Bregenzerwald “Juppe” is made.

Felder Museum Schoppernau

Franz Michael Felder Museum Schoppernau

This museum is dedicated to Vorarlberg’s best-known writer and poet of the 19th century.

Dornbirn Christmas Crib Museum

Dornbirn Christmas Crib Museum

Here, in a display area of approx. 400 sq. metres, the visitor can enjoy a representative selection of cribs from Vorarlberg and the entire world, offering a fascinating insight into the international art of crib-making.

Schaubrennerei Bentele Genuss GmbH

Schaubrennerei Bentele Genuss GmbH

Unter der Hofmarke „Gsiberger“ brennt Familie Bentele aus verschiedenen Obstsorten und Wurzeln edle Brände. Diese werden auch vom Maître Chocolatier für die Herstellung köstlicher Edelpralinen verwendet.

Angelika Kauffmann Museum

Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg

In the foyer of the museum, past and present come face to face, enabling visitors to experience a time difference of over 450 years.

Inatura - tree frog

Inatura Dornbirn

Experience Dornbirn’s natural history museum, where a series of state-of-the-art multi-media presentations depicts all aspects of natural life in Vorarlberg - both animate and inanimate. Technology also plays a part in the hands-on “science zones”.

Rolls Royce Museum Dornbirn - Phantom

Rolls Royce Museum Dornbirn

This most impressive world-renowned collection of Rolls-Royces is housed in an old spinning mill built in 1862.

The parish of Sonntag

Sonntag Folklore Museum

Come and see how our ancestors lived!
The museum building, which is actually composed of three sections, is situated in the village centre of Sonntag.

Bezau cable car

The largest ski area in the Bregenzerwald

With 109 kilometres of ski runs and 29 lifts and cable cars, Mellau-Damüls-Faschina is the largest ski area in the Bregenzerwald. The combination of sunny south-facing slopes and north-facing powder runs makes for ideal snow conditions, and ensures that these resorts offer something to suit every taste!

Golf park Bregenzerwald


Enjoy a game of gold in one of the loveliest regions in the Alps, and discover the genuine hospitality of Vorarlberg.

Paragliding in the Bregenzerwald

Paragliding in the Bregenzerwald

What a feeling! Enjoy an unforgettable sense of flying, and an unrivalled view right across the Bregenzerwald. Take a tandem parachute jump and all this could be yours!