Damüls forest rope garden

This is the largest forest rope garden in Vorarlberg, and offers visitors a chance to see the forest from a completely new perspective. The place for a real challenge and fabulous views!

A new experience for all the family

The bridges between the trees are all built differently: try your hand at crossing wobbly planks; climbing up a rope ladder; balancing on narrow struts of wood; or hurtling down a rope slide like Tarzan.

And just in case your courage fails, there’s always a qualified trainer on hand with help and advice.

Damüls forest rope garden on the interactive map

Damuels rope garden

This is how it works:

Each visitor is armed with the requisite safety equipment consisting of a climbing belt and helmet, plus a detailed induction from the trainers.
On the climbing belt are two carabiners. At least one of these is permanently attached to the safety rope running through the entire forest rope garden (the same principle as on a climbing wall). So every visitor can move through the treetops in total confidence.

Opening times are listed in Damüls forest rope garden’s website.


Alexander Schäfer & Bernd Burtscher
Furkastraße 211

Telefon: +43 664 414 71 37

E-Mail: info@das-seil.at
Web: www.das-seil.at