Seewald Lake Fontanella

A bathing lake in a wonderful mountain setting! A walk to the Seewald lake is enjoyable whatever the season, however the weather.

A great idea! – Seewald lake Noddy train

If you prefer your bathing to be as laid back an experience as possible, why not take a ride on the little Noddy train, which will whisk you up to the beautiful Seewald lake in a very relaxed frame of mind. Board the train in Fontanella next to the Säge.

An excursion to the Seewald lake

How to get there...

The lake is approximately 35 minutes’ walk from Fontanella/Säge. Follow the little road (tar-sealed, but with very few cars, since only local traffic has access), which climbs and then descends again, passing the houses of Garlitt hamlet and arriving in the Seewald lake gulley.
After crossing this imposing gulley, you pass the little farmsteads of Seewald hamlet. Extremely difficult to access in earlier times, this area is a classic example of the countryside settled by the Walser tribes, from whom the present-day inhabitants are descended. The little lake enjoys a wonderful position, nestled in amongst the meadows, at the very edge of the woods. The little mountain lake exudes peace and tranquillity, and seems to smile at you as you approach! This fabulous spot, with its children’s playground and barbeque area, has only one disadvantage – it is always hard to leave!