Andelsbuch Cheese Centre Bregenzerwald

Numerous mountain dairies and local farmers supply this Bregenzerwälder cheesemaking centre with a wide selection of farm produce.

What’s on the programme?

Cheesemaking demonstration – with guided tour, schnaps and cheese tasting.

Come and find out how traditional Bregenzerwald mountain cheese is produced.  In addition, the dairyman will tell you lots of interesting things about the local culture, natural history, agriculture and tourism.

Freshly made cheese specialities:
In the Cheese Centre you will be tempted by a selection of many different kinds of cheese specialities, both hot and cold! The Bregenzerwald Kässpätzle and the cream cheese soup are especially popular.

Bregenzerwälder cheese

The Bregenzerwald Cheese Route – taste has priority

The Cheese Route is a concept put together by the farmers, hoteliers, artisans and businesses of the Bregenzerwald. All members and partners of the Cheese Route endeavour to promote and preserve the countryside and the local products of the Bregenzerwald.

The route constitutes a part of the larger Bregenzerwald cheese area, and aims to draw attention to the special infrastructure linking the local dairy farmers to their products and traditions; these include not only the tasty cheese specialities but also the wider selection of other dairy products, from creamy natural yoghurt to fresh local butter.

Bregenzerwald Cheese Centre - Specialities GmbH
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