“Juppen” Workshop Riefensberg


The history of the typical Bregenzerwälder ladies’ regional costume has its beginnings back in the 15th century. The “Juppe” in its original form was made from raw linen, and attained a white colour only after continued washing. This type of costume was worn until the middle of the 17th century. Then came a period when, for approximately 150 years, the “Juppe” was dyed brown. The influence of Spanish fashion subsequently brought a taste for black “Juppen”. 

The form of the “Juppe” has hardly changed over the centuries and, even today, the fascination of its timeless elegance continues to impress.


Einen Besuch wert ...

Eine Bregenzerwälder Juppe kann in keinem Geschäft fertig erworben werden. Die einzelnen Stufen der Veredelung des Leinenstoffs für den Juppenrock können nun hier in der Juppenwerkstatt wieder durchgeführt werden.

Der Verein Juppenwerkstatt Riefensberg bietet Führungen zum Kennenlernen der gesamten Arbeitsprozesse an.

Juppenwerkstatt | Riefensberg
Mehr Information: www.juppenwerkstatt.at

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