Fishing in Damüls

A fishing map and detailed information about the angling sites can be obtained by showing your guest card or Bregenzerwald Card at Damüls parish council office.

The cost of a day permit, including a catch of up to a maximum of five fish, must be arranged in advance with the parish council office.

Fishing in Damüls

Fishing in the Bregenzerwald

Krumbach, Bregetzbach and Argenbach | Damüls

Season: 16. June to 30. September
Management: Damüls parish council office T +43 (0)5510/6210, Hotel Gasthof ADLER Damüls T +43 (0)5510/220
Ticket sales: Damüls parish council office
Of interest: Sales only possible with guest card or Bregenzerwald guest card

Bregenzerache and Argenbach | Au

Season: Beginning of May to the middle of September
Fishing club: Au, T +43 (0)5515/2288
Ticket sales: Au tourist office, Au fish pond, Hotel Krone in Au

Bregenzerache | Schoppernau

Season: Middle of May to the beginning of September
Management: Schoppernau Fishing club
Ticket sales: Schoppernau tourist office T +43 (0)5515/2495

Bregenzerache | Schröcken

Season: May to the end of September
Management: Fischerei Interessensschaft
Ticket sales: Schröcken tourist office, T +43 (0)5519/2670
Of interest: Day tickets, fishing rights

Bregenzerache | Mellau

Season: 1. May to 30. September
Fishing manager: Bertram Haller, T +43 (0)5518/2875
Ticket sales: Mellau tourist office, Hotel Engel, Aral petrol station

Trout pond | Bregenzerache

Season: 1. May to 30. September
Management: the Felder family, T +43 (0)664/9551652
This idyllic spot in Bersbuch, right beside the river Bregenzerache , is the perfect place for families to relax; refreshments are served in the garden, and bathing is possible in the natural stream water.

schen Platz zum Verweilen, eine Gartenwirschaft und Bademöglichkeien im Naturgewässer.

Fishing in the Groß Walsertal

There are lots of ideal fishing spots here; try the Marulbach stream, the Lutz and the Seewald lake.

Where to obtain fishing permits for the Marulbach and the Seewald lake:

  • Raggal tourist office
  • Gasthaus Walserklause, Marul
  • Seestüble on the Seewald lake
  • Biosphere park office, Thüringerberg
  • Edelweiß Apartments, Fontanella
  • Anglertreff, Nüziders