Paragliding in the Bregenzerwald

Freedom ...

Deep blue sky, snow-covered mountain peaks and fabulous scenery. Ever wanted to paraglide? Well now you can make your dream come true – at any time of year!

For a few fleeting moments you will be as free as a bird, leaving the world behind and simply enjoying the unforgettable views.

Andelsbuch, Bezau and Au-Schoppernau are considered to be the three best paragliding centres in Europe. The thermals are ideal, and the starting places are easy to access.



On fine days the paragliders sweep around the Diedamskopf at Au-Schoppernau like a flock of butterflies– even in the winter. On the Niedere at Andelsbuch and the Sonderdach at Bezau it’s the same story.
On the Niedere the thermals are excellent, especially in summer; this flying area is considered to be one of the three best in the whole of Europe.

All three areas offer the chance to do a tandem jump, together with a professional paraglider – if you dare!

Bregenzerwald flying school
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