Motor cycling

Damüls – the ideal starting point for motor cycling tours

A wonderful mountain world, with roads tailor-made for superlative motor cycling.

Thanks to the numerous access routes and its position between three valleys, Damüls is absolutely perfect for an extended motor cycling holiday.

Motor cycling routes on the interactive map

Motor cyclist

1. Route: Furka pass - Grosses Walsertal

Known by locals as "One for the road" this tour may be short, but it is renowned for its extremely interesting routing.

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Length: 70.1 km
Duration: 1.11 h

2. Route: Tannheimertal - Lechtal

Need a little trip out? Saddle the horses and head off towards the Vorderwald. On well-surfaced roads the route takes you past Egg and Hittisau towards Germany.

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Length: 200.5 km
Duration: 3.30 h

3. Route: Timmelsjoch saddle - Jaufen pass

Set off towards the Hochtannberg, Flexen and Arlberg passes and hit the motorway heading for Innsbruck. Once you have the first few kilometres under your belt and arrive in Innsbruck, head for the Brenner pass along the non-motorway Brenner road. The Stubai valley, opening up on the right, is not for the faint-hearted….

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Distance: 444.0 kilometres
Driving time: 6 hours, 59 minutes

4. Route: Transalpine road - Rhine valley

A really cruisy route! The first part of this tour takes you along well-surfaced roads the entire length of the Bregenzerwald towards Oberstaufen. Water freaks may like to stop off here to visit the Aquaria adventure swimming complex, the only one of its kind in the region.

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Length: 188.8 km
Duration: 3.25 h

5. Route: Hahntennjoch - Pillerhöhe - Bielerhöhe saddle

This tour really is the icing on the cake. First comes Hochtannberg; then it's off on well-surfaced roads along the Lech valley towards the Hahntennjoch saddle.

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Length: 261.0 km
Duration: 4.50 h

Garmisch-Partenkirchen route

The tour starts from Damüls heading for "Station 2", better known as Balderschwang. You reach the border and enter Good Old Germany, although you don't actually spend much time there! As soon as you cross over the Oberjoch you're back in the Tyrolean region of Ausserfern.

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Length: 447.5 km
Duration: 7.30 h

In praise of the noble Tyrol...

...the motto is derived from the words of Sepp Tanzer, and the tour gives you the best opportunity to visit our Tyrolean neighbours.

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Length: 467.6 kilometres
Duration: 8 hours, 39 minutes

The magnificent seven

The first of the magnificent seven - or maybe even eight - is the Hochtannberg pass; then it's on through delightful scenery over the Flexen pass to the Arlberg. After the Stanzer valley the journey continues along the Upper Inn valley towards the Reschen pass.

Route description

Difficulty: ––
Strecke: 471.4 km
Duration: 8.00 h

Tour de Suisse

This is not the Tour de France but the Tour de Suisse, and it is you, and not Jan Ulrich, who is asked to undergo a trip of epic proportions! After careful preparations -and sufficient horse-power! - you set out along the Große Walsertal, past the Schwarzer See towards Rankweil-Feldkirch.

Difficulty: ––
Length: 497.0 km
Duration: 7.26 h

9 passes - sing alleluia!

The tour begins with the smallest of the nine passes - the Faschinajoch saddle. The journey continues through the Große Walsertal to the Silvretta Alpine Highway, which is particularly impressive when viewed from the Vorarlberg side.

Difficulty: ––
Length: 497.0 km
Duration: 7.26 h